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Quality Profile
Our company is certified according to DIN EN 9001.

The quality of the products we sell and the services we provide is of major importance for the company’s continued existence.   Our quality policy is an integral part
of the company philosophy and is
laid down by the Management.
We are a partner of our customers
by providing solutions with the
highest standards of quality.
Our aims are:
To set the standard for
quality in the materials
To solidify and further
develop cooperation
with our customers on
a partnership basis.
The quality of our products
and services is determined by:
our customers’ wishes
and the specified purpose
the legal requirements,
safety regulations and standards
  Quality assurance is the task of
each of our employees.
  The constant task of management
is to promote quality-consciousness
on all levels.

We have been wholesale partners for industry, trade and business for more than five decades now.

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