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Overview of warehouse programme
    PA 6 Polyamid 6
    PA 6 MO PA 6 moS2 modified
    PA 6 GF30 PA 6 with 30 % fibreglass
    PA 6 G Polyamid-cast
    PA 6 G MO PA 6 cast MoS2 modified
    PA 6 G OL PA 6 cast cross-linked with oil
    PA 6 G HR PA 6 G modified
    PA 6 G GK PA 6 cast with glass beads
    PA 66 Polyamid 6.6
    PA 66 MO PA 6.6 MoS2 modified
    PA 66 GF30 PA 6.6 with 30 % fibreglass
    PA 11/12 Polyamid 11/12
    PA 12 GF30 PA 12 with 30 % fibreglass
    POM C Polyacetal Copolymer
    POM GL POM with lubricant
    POM GF30 POM with 30 % fibreglass
    PET Polyethylenterephthalat
    PC Polycarbonat transparent
    PC GF30 PC with 30 % fibreglass
    PMMA Polymethylmethacrylat
    ABS Acrylnitiril-Butadien Styrol-Polymerisat
    PTFE Polytetrafluorethylen
    PVDF Polyvinylidenfluorid
    PVC H Polyvinylchlorid
    PP H Polypropylen homopolymer
    PE-HD High density polyethylene
    PE HMW High molecular polyethylene
    PE-UHMW Ultra high molecular polyethylene
    PPE Polyphenylenether
    PPE GF30 PPE with 30 % fibreglass
    PEEK Polyetheretherketon
    PEEK GF30 PEEK with 30 % fibreglass
    PSU Polysulfon
    PES Polyethersulfon
    PPS Polyphenylensulfid
    PEI Polyetherimid
    other plastics    
  Plates... Plaques Plates
  Tublar bars... Barres creuses Tubular bars

We offer semi-finished products
as rods, plates and tubes and supply building components both as individual
and serial items.


Sawing service:
All semi-finished products are supplied as a fixed length or cut plate section.

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